Friday, December 02, 2005

A couple of Ltk goodies.

I've had cause to play with Ltk quite a lot so I thought I'd share the widgets I've made. I wrapped up the BWidget tree control and a couple of other BWidgets that go along with it. The BWidget tree control works reasonably well, supports drag and drop and all the usual tree stuff so there it is. Enjoy.

The other widget is one I build from scratch. It's an animation controller widget. It supports multiple draggable frame and keyframe pointers and user controlled progress bars as well as bars that synch with frame generation. It's all CLOS so to use it all you have to do is inherit from frame and keyframe, override the frame creation methods and it'll do the rest. Nice. I created this one to use with the IFS program so that I can create custom IFS animations and it's quite handy but then I would say that.

So grab them here and run the #'test function in either asdf package for a crumby demo.

I other news I've started to learn prolog. I'm reminded of when I first started to learn lisp and the time I had to spend to understand the simplest procedure. It's also clear to me that, despite their many differences, if I didn't already know lisp it'd be a lot harder. Recursive unification makes my head hurt but at least I get the recursive part!

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